Los Angeles

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Location: Los Angeles
28 years old

Ethan, the classic hunk spent his adolescence becoming an all-American wrestler and scholar athlete, all while helping to run the family business. This heartthrob’s midwest, salt-of-the-earth work ethic and can-do attitude, combined with his curious mind and a passion for learning, enabled his graduating with degrees in both Biochemistry and Psychology, followed by working on ground-breaking anatomical research with plastic surgeons, he continues to dazzle his angels with his refined intellect and dedication. The opportunities that have arisen due to his hard work, have allowed Ethan to travel and form meaningful and unique connections with people around the world, holding the belief that we learn about ourselves and how we fit into the world around us through such experiences. The adventurous and fun-loving nature this cowboy possesses make Ethan the perfect man to accompany you on whatever your heart desires, from snuggling up to a good movie, riding motorcycles, or even going ballroom dancing together, no matter the activity, he will help you to fully enjoy yourself and the time with him. Let him take you by the hand and give you an experience that will not only make you feel alive, but as if you’ve never lived before. Find out where your next adventure takes you with Ethan!


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