Location: Las Vegas
36 years old

The one and only Nick Hawk is based in Las Vegas and is available for companionship, confidence and life building, hosting, speaking, TV/radio/red carpet appearances and modeling bookings worldwide. Nick Hawk is one of the original men recruited for the Cowboys4Angels agency who continues to get some of the best reviews. Nick prides himself on operating at a very high level, and the results speak for themselves. His commitment and passion make everything he’s part of a positive and memorable experience.
Nick comes from a small town in Wisconsin, where he grew up working on farms, racing dirt bikes and playing sports. He was the captain of his high-school wrestling team and also wrestled in college. Nick is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, professor and Pan/National/World Champion, so you can always feel protected and secure in his presence. Coming from a humble upbringing, Nick didn’t have the advantages of having his college tuition paid for so he joined the Air Force for the G.I. Bill, which led to a Bachelor’s degree in English. After college, Nick studied acting, improv comedy and auditioning which helped him become the confident entertainer he is today. Nick is a motivational speaker and published author of several books. He has also published articles and given advice to Penthouse Magazine, Men’s Health, Ask Men, Cosmopolitan, Girl Boner, Strip Las Vegas and more.
Nick believes you must continually learn and evolve to tackle life. He is well-versed in exercise, nutrition, psychology and relationships. He is always willing to share his knowledge and learn more with others. His latest book, “Nick Hawk’s 100 Kicks In The Ass: A Guide To Gaining Confidence & Reaching Your Full-Potential,” is available now to purchase. It’s loaded with many of his theories on how to live your life to the fullest. Nick is also currently seeking a graduate degree in Psychology.
Whether it’s kicking back and relaxing or exploring the globe, you’re in good hands.


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