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Plaats: Rotterdam
25 jaren

"Definitely the most beautiful being walking on earth, and the hottest babe under the sheets!" Not once this statement was made to describe Michelle, our stunning high class escort Rotterdam that adores the feeling of power she has over the weakened men she keeps prisoners under her beauty spell. Creative, joyful, elegant, seductive and enchanting, Michelle seems taken from a fairy tale. She knows how to dress to drive men crazy, and she knows how to talk and act in order to prolong their sexual desire. At a first glance, she may seem pretty mysterious and hard to conquer. The air of mystery and unknown is given by the dark look accentuated by her deep brown eyes and the black strands of silky hair that wash the sensual shoulders, continuing with a perfect pair of round boobs, a toned abdomen, a stone ass and the sexiest pair of long and beautiful legs.
Contact Information: +31108080881


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