Plaats: Amsterdam
24 jaren

Amsterdam Erotic Massages We provide the following erotic massages to hotels in and around Amsterdam. All massages come with a happy ending, which means satisfaction is guaranteed. EROTIC SENSUAL MASSAGE The erotic sensual massage is our standard erotic massage which most clients are looking for. The sensual erotic massage is a regular massage that has been adapted with a sexual twist to be both relaxing and erotic at the same time. The sensual massage comes with a satisfying happy ending. EROTIC BODY MASSAGE The erotic body massage is fast becoming one of our more popular massages due to the nature of the massage. This massage uses the entire body of the person giving the massage. The full body experience has many similar qualities to other popular massages such as the Nuru and Tantric massage. Please Note: Not all girls are performing this massage so advanced booking is recommended due to its high demand. 4 HAND EROTIC MASSAGE The 4 Hand Erotic Massage is exactly what its name suggest, two girls will perform an erotic massage at the same time to create a sensory overload. This type massage is one of those memorable massages you get. If you haven't tried the 4 Hand Massage we seriously recommend giving it a go ... you wont be sorry. Visit our website


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