Plaats: Amsterdam
25 jaren

Hello I hope you can read my profile my name is Ana de jesus aguirre juarez. I am Mexican I am a trans girl I am on vacation is the first time out of the country right now I am in Italy and I will be On November 21 a 27 Amsterdam I am exploiting this part of the world learning different cultures and gastronomy
My Facebook Ana Aguirre Juarez WhatsApp 310649962116 (at the moment is the number I use)
You can know me freely, (without commitment) so I am the girl in the photos I can send you photos or videos in alternative and I can write that I like to run in the sand to practice. Enjoy the dance the small moment I live and in Mexico I live Playa del Carmen (Caribbean) I repeat it's my first trip out
Any question or doubt, I am here to help you. The most important thing is you and if you have a tip for my trip, I will thank you very much for your guidance. I am a girl who tries to live as much as normal or as normal as possible. I am from Escort, because Europe is too expensive for a Mexican girl. I have explored This side of the world and I want to know more I like to Read my favorite authors I am Friedrich Nietzsche hermann Hesse Sigmund Freud Jean Paul Sartre I like philosophy and psychology in my country I am artezana I like and I am a little model I am 25 years old the moment a kiss. soon


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