Payment Methods

This page was last modified on April 18, 2018.

Here in Atlas Escorts, all the services are free except the VIP status. After your post an Ad, you have the option to keep it in the top by buying the VIP.
The VIP status costs 20€ per month (approx. 23USD/m).

VIP status instantly

Complete the payment and get your VIP status instantly! It's really easy: Visit your Ad and click on "Make VIP" or you can do it from the Control Panel.
You can update an already VIP Ad by buying more months anytime. This will automatically increase the expiration date.

Vip Coverage

- Homepage
- Category
- Your City
- Near your city within a radius of 100km (62mi)
- Any searched word

Payments by Credit Cards

We only accept payments via e-Payouts. Is a service that enables you to pay secure, fast and easy. e-Payouts will automatically convert your currency into EUR.
e-Payouts is the best Credit Card processing solutions for Business in 2018. Like us, e-Payouts uses data encryption technology to keep your information secure.

About e-Payouts

e-Payouts it is an online payment gateway that offers a global solution to collect your products and services sales through multiple payment providers. With years of experience in the market, they are focused in providing global collecting solutions through multiple and well known payment providers.

Contact e-Payouts

Commercial support:
Billing support:
Legal support:

If you have any questions or problems with this method of payment you can also contact us using the contact form from our website or write to us at: