Los Angeles

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Location: Los Angeles
35 years old

Parker is one of our most elite male companions in Los Angeles and you will love the time you spend with this tall, strong and handsome gentleman! Parker’s hearty sense of adventure is matched only by his sophistication and friendly wit, he’s a fun-loving and engaging charmer who prides himself on his natural intuition for fulfilling the needs and desires of the women in his life, which combined with his attentiveness, helps his female friends to feel like the only woman in the world when they’re with him.
A well-educated world traveler, Parker has experienced the finer things of many cultures, and has built an appreciation for various cuisines, works of art and social or political ideas as a result. His talents and positive attributes are innumerable, not only does he thrive on stimulating conversation, he also loves the beach, snowboarding, wakeboarding, kickboxing, skydiving, reading and watching classic films in his spare time, the perfect mixture of exercise, competitive activity and comfort.
Whether it’s fine-dining or white-water rafting, Parker is a cowboy who will ensure you get the most out of every moment and together you will create memories that will last a lifetime!


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