Washington D.C.

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28 years old

Stefan brings an old world charm from Eastern European which culminates in his deep appreciation for life, love and women. This athletic and intelligent gentleman speaks Moldovan, Romanian and Russian, in addition of course to English, and has played professional rugby and participated in freestyle wrestling in the past, helping to sculpt his statuesque physique. Stefan has always had a lifelong passion for sports, physical fitness and general health and wellness, leading him to study sports management in college. In addition, Stefan loves to spoil his female companions with his cooking abilities and enjoys the intricacies of romance, from watching the sunrise, strolling in the moonlight, experiencing new adventures together, this is one man who will always make you feel butterflies when he’s around! Stefan prides himself on his upbeat and positive outlook on life, allowing him to fully enjoy each moment and make lasting memories with those close to him. This charming chap thrives on spending time with a special someone in nature, whether it’s at the beach, frolicking in the snow, or watching the autumn leaves fall, he is the perfect man to spend intimate moments with, and create meaningful memories!


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